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No te dejes engañar por sitios falsos

Recientemente hemos detectado la existencia de páginas apócrifas haciéndose pasar por PROLAMSA (Productos Laminados de Monterrey), promoviendo ofertas de producto e inclusive enviando comunicados vía correo electrónico a nombre de ejecutivos de la empresa. Advertimos que esto es falso, por lo que recomendamos doblar precauciones para evitar ser víctimas de fraude o extorsión.   RECOMENDACIONES

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Purlin: A basic element in the construction sector

Recently, purlins have become a very popular product due to the variety of uses it can have in the construction sector. That is why it is worth knowing more about them, their types, characteristics and uses.

Also known as “monten”, it is an architectural element that is popularly manufactured in the shape of a “C” or “Z” and is widely used in the industrial sector in the manufacture of roofs and light structures and as a support in the construction of complex structures.


PROLAMSA at Nascar Peak Mexico

The seventh edition of Nascar Peak Mexico was celebrated on August 19 2018 at Queretaro’s  Ecocentro Racing Circuit. Accompanied by our guest clients, we witnessed one of the most exciting and euphoric races of the series, where our driver Jake Cosío driving car number 51 showed an excellent performance. This event generated great impact in the automotive industry.


PROLAMSA, JFE Shoji and Sankin Corporation will establish cold-drawn pipe joint venture in Mexico

JFE Shoji Trade Corp, a company of the second largest steel group in Japan, JFE Steel, in alliance with the Mexican pipeline producer, PROLAMSA (Productos Laminados de Monterrey) and Sankin Corp, Japanese manufacturer of cold drawn pipe, have agreed to establish a joint venture for the manufacture and sale of cold drawn pipe specialized in the automotive industry.


60 Years of Commitment With Our Customers

At PROLAMSA, we know that commitments are stronger than steel. This is the reason why we have been working hard every day since 1954 to innovate and deliver quality products to every corner in America. Today, after 60 years of history, we cheerfully celebrate our commitment with our customers by investing in new technologies that will help us overcome the challenges of tomorrow.