Our company was founded on August 25th 1954 by Mr. Juan Montemayor Martínez and Mr. Mario J. Montemayor García.

At the beginning, our line of business was the elaboration of metallic products with manually operated machinery. Nowadays, we are recognized for having the most modern plant in Latin America dedicated to manufacturing profiles, tubes and steel components.



Operations begin in the first plant of profile manufacturing in Mexico. During the first years, the company focused on the production of cages for chicken coops due to the poultry peak in the region. In this same year, the first line of profiles for doors and windows was introduced into the Mexican market.


In the beginning, the elaboration of the steel profiles consisted in pressed profiles; due to the requierements of the market, the production levels durning this period reached the 84,000 tons annually. This resulted in the acquisition of new machinery that will bring about a technological change that would transform the production rhythm of the company: the elaboration of rolled profiles.


PROLAMSA has always distinguished itself by manufacturing top quality materials. For this reason, in 1987 we acquired the first roll painting line, in order to prevent oxidation of the profile, thus offering a differential in the market. In this same period, PROLAMSA is presented to the United States market, offering purlins and structural pipes.


Plant Escobedo is open in Nuevo León, Mexico (110,000 m² roofs), with the most modern equipment in Latin America, currently considered the leader in structural and mechanical steel pipes.


During this period, PROLAMSA establishes new production and quality. This through continuous improvement processes obtaining the certification of the ISO 9001: 2008 quality system certificate. PROLAMSA always acquires high-tech equipment for the high-requirement markets.


Plant Laredo Texas is opened in USA (7,000 m² ). Today it is the leader in structural steel pipe.


Aceros Cuatro Caminos, a factory specialized in steel pipes, is incorporated for the industrial and automotive segment.


Axis Pipe and Tube starts operations in Bryan, Texas (550,000 m²) Axis, specializes in the manufacture of oil pipe (API) for the oil and gas industries.


The Prolamsa Group establishes a joint venture with JFE Shoji and Sankin Corporation, to manufacture cold drawn tubes (Cold Drawn Tube). PROSANKIN, is located in Pesquería, Nuevo León, Mexico and specializes in the production of cold drawn tubes for the automotive industry.