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Purlin: A basic element in the construction sector

Recently, purlins have become a very popular product due to the variety of uses it can have in the construction sector. That is why it is worth knowing more about them, their types, characteristics and uses.

Also known as “monten”, it is an architectural element that is popularly manufactured in the shape of a “C” or “Z” and is widely used in the industrial sector in the manufacture of roofs and light structures and as a support in the construction of complex structures.

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What is schedule pipe and what are its uses?

Round pipes known as schedules are virtually the same as any other type of pipe; however, schedules have a number, which will define the thickness of the tube depending on its diameter.

There is no official consensus on the origin of the schedule pipe, but one of the most accepted versions is that the term began to be used during the industrial revolution.

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Do you know all the variety of products in our catalog? In this video we’ll show you all of our product families, along with some of its practical applications.

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